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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Special K, We Hardly Knew Ye

And so, being unable to find a willing trade partner for Preston Wilson--having already designated him for assignment, it's not like we had any leverage whatsoever--the Astros were forced into unceremoniously dumping Special K and his $4,000,000 contract.

It was proffered that "Presson" is merely a victim of circumstances. With the Astros' having something like twenty games in twenty days, and twenty-nine games in thirty days, they supposedly wanted to add a 12th pitcher. Enter Jason Hirsh. Exit somebody to make room for him...

That "somebody," it turns out, was poor old Special K. The Astros had tried to send Jason Lane down to AAA but, because he's now got like three years' of major-league service time, he'd have to clear waivers before he could be sent down. He didn't clear waivers, so the Astros either had to let him go to the team that claimed him, or pull him off waivers and leave him on the MLB roster for the rest of the year. Luke Scott and Chris Burke, understandably, should not be shipped back to Round Rock.

Presumably, that left Presson as the odd man out. Seriously, though: aren't we forgetting somebody? Our off-the-bench left-handed pinch-hitting "specialist?" Shall we compare the offensive performance of the two?

Special K: .269/.309/.405
Palmeiro: .226/.286/.298
Among these two, how is Special K the better option to ship out? Oh, yeah, that's right: Palmeiro provides that ever crucial left-handed bat so that Gar[d]ner can insert his head into his arse avoid that whole "righty-righty" matchup thing!

Oh, wait. Since Mike Lamb's sitting on the bench most of the time, we already have a proven left-handed hitter (and one who's producing) on the bench--since we've decided that Mike Lamb's hot bat would better serve us on the bench. And, if he ain't there, Aubrey Huff is.

I'll miss the Special K Statboard, to be sure. Unfortunately, Purpura's stupid decision has completely robbed Special K of the opportunity to try and set the Astros' single-season strikeout record.

Good luck to you, Special K.