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Friday, January 12, 2007

How Blind We Were

Explain to me how, in all of my fervor and unwavering support for Rice football this year, I managed to miss such glaringly obvious signs as a pair of devil horns sticking out of this fraud's head?

And that he had fangs for teeth?

And the blood dripping out of his eyes?

And his blood-red eyes?

And that clear-as-day message tattooed on his forehead?

Now I see Fraud for who he really is: a hack who realized he couldn't follow up on his 2006 success with his bright young offensive mind headed for Tuscaloosa... so he bolted, two days after signing a long-term commitment to Rice, for the "greener pastures" of Tulsa.

Without having the class to explain himself to his players, or even say goodbye. Without offering any explanation to Rice, its alums, or fans, as to why he emphasized commitment and teamwork all year long... then left for more money only a year after signing on.

Looking forward to that Tulsa game, we are.


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