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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Texans Astros Lose by Two Touchdowns

Reds 14, Astros zero.


From the Astros' point of view, this thing was a complete wash starting in the second inning. This less-than-mediocre, impotent, woeful, dreadful offense had absolutely no chance of coming back from a 4-0 second inning deficit, let alone the 12-0 hole they found themselves in after only the third inning.

And, unfortunately... they knew it. It's a pretty common occurrence where a team gets a huge early lead, and their pitchers relax a little bit such that the other team often puts up a bunch of runs, too.

Not this bunch of losers, though. They freaking gave up. Just like they've given up on this entire season. If ever there were an easy playoff spot to be had, it's the wild card in this mediocre National League. This is probably the worst the National League has ever been, and the "reigning" NL champions can't even get to freaking .500. Collapstros. They won't, either.

Four hits tonight. Total.

I'd make a bunch of suggestions about what the Astros need to do, but seriously... what's the point? They don't care. They're just playing out the string.


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