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Friday, July 21, 2006

Different Team, Same Result

New York Metropolitans 7, Houston Disastros zero. Do I have to show my disgust for this one with the same level of sarcasm I did following the last game against the Cubs?

*sigh* We muscled up to slug our way to all of four hits and a total of six baserunners. By contrast, the Magnet served up seven runs in five innings, including a big old grand salami to that most feared of sluggers, Jose Valentin. That raised his ERA (5.65) up above the Brad Lidge Line (5.60). Somewhere--as though I didn't know that he's sitting in a hotel room in Round Rock--Magic Audrey Rodriguez is getting a chuckle out of this. "Oh, and I'm the one who needed to be sent down?"

Bravo, gentlemen. Teams have to be just salivating to see us on the schedule. We're the ultimate pick-me-up for a struggling pitcher. It doesn't matter if he's blown chunks all season long--we'll make him out to be Cy Young, both on and off the field.

I'm sure there will be plenty of excuses offered in tomorrow's paper, such as "They just hit some good pitches," or "we've just got to tip our caps to that guy [Mets starter Maine] because he made good pitches, etc.", "they made the plays and we didn't," etc. What they should be saying is, "Well, they're a good baseball club... and we f--king SUCK."


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