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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Carlos Lee?

Fresh off the heels of speculating that Carlos Lee is not likely to end up in an Astros jersey next season, I happened to run across Richard Justice's blog. Justice suggested that Carlos Lee has "apparently" hired Scott Boras as his client.

Wikipedia confirms that the rumor is true: Scott Boras is Carlos Lee's agent.

Raise your hand if you want the Astros to be hamstrung in their roster re-building by yet another stupid protracted negotiation with the Dark Prince of All That is Evil and Unholy again. I guarantee you that Uncle Drayton won't be terribly interested in dealing with him again.

So scratch somebody else off of the list of available, and intruiging, free agents whom we might approach.


Blogger J Rob said...

You have to feel bad for Scott Boras. The money is just never enough for him. He always needs more, more, more. I'd bet dollars to donuts that his neediness comes from either having a very tiny penis or a very large clitoris.

5:49 PM  

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