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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Greatest Commercial Ever?

Well, maybe that's overstating it a bit. But I do love this Snickers commercial:

Of course, I allowed my 4-year-old to watch it with me, over and over, despite my lovely wife Summer's comments that this probably wasn't a good influence on a 4-year-old. So I made sure to instruct Jacob that this was just a silly commercial, and how silly this guy is, and we would never do that in real life, right? Right, says Jacob. So I sit back, smirk at Summer as if to say, "Check out the parenting skills on this guy."

That smugness disappeared when Jacob was spotted several times hurling objects across the room, while bellowing "NOOOOOOOOOOOO."


Anonymous said...

~waves~ Hiya ... ;-)
I have never responded to another's blog entry before and I apologize posthaste if doing so now has offended.
First ....and foremost ...I agree with both parents.
Okay then ....( apparently one of those odd types) SOooo 'why' am I writing? Yes?
This commercial portrays one of those instances parents never get the chance to see in motion. It allows us an opportunity to talk with our children about not just 'right and wrong" ~pause~ But also humor *arhh argh ;-p* ! and more ..Media! The difference between reality and imagination, and how it can effect the choices we all make.
Many things can make us laugh ...but it doesn't mean we want it to happen.

and Lots of Laughter

As Always,
Ms Cherri

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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