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Friday, June 09, 2006

MLB's Best Rotation, "When Healthy," Takes Another Hit

As we reported on Wednesday, the Cubbies' Kerry Wood was already reporting shoulder stiffness after only his fourth start following his return from the disabled list. We predicted then:
Oh, and get this: Wood's already suffering from stiffness in his surgically-"repaired" shoulder.

It says here that Wood is not making it through the season without another lengthy stop-off on the DL, although one need not be Nostradamus to make such an obvious prediction. He's now listed as Day-to-Day.
Well, it's now official:

Cubs Place Wood on DL, Recall Guzman

In other "news," (1) the sun rose today, (2) Earth is not the center of the universe, and (3) the food-chain order remains dog-cat-mouse.

In all seriousness, have some news thrown in your FACE!

  • Following Jason Grimsley's revelation that he had used steroids, HGH, and amphetamines in his career that magically transformed him from a crappy pitcher into a slightly-less-crappy pitcher, Jim Leyritz has now 'fessed up to using amphetamines. Shouldn't this mean that the Astros actually won the 1998 NLDS against the Padres, during which series Leyritz homered three times in only ten at-bats (including one game-winner, I seem to recall)? Combined with the late Caminit's steroids revelations, I remain certain that the Padres will be shipping their NL Champion rings to the Astros any day now.

  • The local boys are to be the subject of this Saturday's This Week in Baseball, on Fox at 11:30 CST. Set thy VCR/TiVo.


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