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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Don't Throw at the Owls!

Yesterday's being an off-day for the Astros didn't mean that there weren't some baseballs getting hit out of the park in Houston yesterday. The Rice Owls clinched their fourth trip to the College World Series by shellacking Oklahoma 9-5.

The "trick" to not getting blown out by Rice, it's been said, is to "avoid the big inning." The Sooners were unable to do so yesterday. Trailing 4-3 in the sixth, Rice loaded the bases with one out. Josh Rodriguez (whom Phat-C hates, based solely on video game baseball) drove in two runs with a single through the left side. The next batter, superstud Joe Savery, homered to right-center. Five runs crossed the plate, and Oklahoma was sent home packing.

Their big mistake, clearly, was pitching to the Owls. It's like we always say about Texans games: "DON'T THROW AT DUNTA [Robinson]!" Every time you throw at Dunta, you're in for a world of trouble.

The only way to avoid the big inning is to not pitch to the Owls. Just don't come to Houston, and accept your 1-0 forfeit defeat.

The Owls move on to the CWS, where they'll play Saturday at 1:00 CST against Georgia (who defeated South Carolina yesterday to advance). I'd probably prefer that we play Georgia, as I just can't survive the numerous "Go Cocks" signs ever-present at SC games without resorting to bouts of hysterical giggling and elbow-nudging:
Me: See that, Hon? Heh ehahehe!!
Wife: Yes, for the hundredth time, I see that she's holding up a sign that says, "Go Cocks." How old are you, again?
Ahem. As I was stuck at work yesterday afternoon, I spent some time looking around for game accounts, etc. (especially to get details on how both the head coach and assistant head coach for Oklahoma manage to get ejected from the game). I came across the CSTV message boards. Rice's had a post or two about the game.

Oklahoma's message board had a ton of posts... although I'm not sure that baseball was a common topic, as evidenced by the thread subjects:
  1. tu SUCKS!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can't wait to beat tu at Cotton Bowl!!!
  3. OU = 2007 Nat'l FB Champs!
And so on... I felt like I was listening to sports radio again, where the topics year-round are pretty much divided into:
50% Texas/Texas A&M/College Football
25% Texans/NFL
15% Stupid proposed trades
7% Astros
2% Every other miscellaneous topic
1% Rice
I can't wait for the "lifelong Rice baseball fans" to jump out of the woodwork after the CWS teams stupidly decide to pitch to the Owls, and get punished accordingly.

Although that will probably be limited to a call or two, before the focus returns to how the Longhorns are doing in recruiting for the 2012 season.


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