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Friday, July 07, 2006


This weekend I was flipping channels and ran across a showing of National Lampoon's European Vacation. I used to love that movie. Many many years later, I still think it's above-average, especially when compared to that piece of crap Vegas Vacation, which I actually skipped a law school class to go see.

The only redeeming quality to Vegas Vacation is that it featured the by-far hottest of the usually forgettable Audrey Griswolds: Marisol Nichols:


Gawkman may disagree, having found Juliette Lewis to be Pluhbabe-worthy. Erm, no.

What was odd about seeing European Vacation was that it was being televised on the "ABC Family" channel. Those who saw this movie when it first came out remember that the only resemblance this movie has to a family movie is that...

Well, it's about a family.

After all, the only Internet entry I can find about the actress who played "Claudia" is that she had a short but "memorable" role in the movie. Let's just say that--no surprise--the "memorable" part of her role in the movie was omitted in the ABC Family version.

As I was watching the movie, however, I kept getting stuck on the actress who then played Audrey Griswold. Her name was Dana Hill, and I read somewhere that she passed away in 1996 or so following a diabetes-related stroke. That's too bad; while I hadn't thought her to be the most attractive of the Audreys, she gets my vote for the funniest of them.

But I kept thinking, "Damn, she really looks like somebody I know."

Then, as I pulled up today and saw the prospective pitching matchup, I figured out who Audrey Griswold looks like:

Wandy Rodriguez.

Just to be safe, the Astros ought to consider keeping Wandy away from any post-game buffets, for fear that he'll pull an Audrey and balloon up to 266 250 pounds like Fat Sidney Ponson.


Blogger Phat-C said...

That is freaking GOLDEN!!!

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually noticed a while back who I thought Wandy looked like. Watch the movie teen wolf, and as Michael J. Fox is turning into the wolf in the bathroom it looks just like Wandy. Its the face in between the human and wolf. Its insane....check it out.

4:49 PM  

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