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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today's Stupid Trade Suggestion

I hate listening to sports talk radio or Astros post-game shows when callers propose trades. I have NEVER heard of one that (a) would be good for the Astros, (b) would actually entice the other team to give up their star player, and (c) makes financial sense. By contrast, I've heard TONS of "why don't we trade our 3 underperforming players for Albert Pujols" suggestions. STUPID! Would you trade away your best player for 3 average ones?

So I'm reading Richard Justice's blog from a few days ago, and he was realistically pointing out that--to acquire a bat--the Astros are going to have to give up something that HURTS. Chris Burke, Jason Hirsch, Hunter Pence sort of HURT.

So here was the suggestion from one idiot who chose to respond:
A quick comment about the astros... what if we gave up Lane, Taveras, Everett for Miguel Tejada?

Do you think that will be enough. We need a bat to protect berkman. Imagine this lineup

Biggo 2B
Burke CF
Berkman RF
Lamb 1B
Tejada SS
Wilson LF
Ensberg 3B
Ausmus/Munson C

Who would you pitch around? Do you think we will lose much defense with Tejada?
Let's just take a look at this proposal, shall we? First, what we would get:

Miguel Tejada .311 .361 .504

So here's all that we would have to give up:
Willy Taveras .260 .315 .317
Jason Lane .207 .336 .399
Adam Everett .240 .290 .327


*sigh* This proposal would have us shipping out a weak-hitting "defensive specialist" shortstop and two guys who can't crack one of the NL's worst lineups for a former MVP who--although he's past his roid best statistical years--continues to put up big numbers. By the way, although he wasn't doing too much for the Cubs, the Orioles have a serviceable center fielder--with better stats than Willy T.--already.

Another commenter suggested that the very best GMs can pry away star talent without giving up anything in return, citing Beltran as an example. Well, even if Dotel and a catching prospect who could supposedly hit counts as "nothing in return," keep in mind that the Royals were ready to let Beltran go because he was about to become a free agent, he had told them not to try to re-sign him because he was going to test the market, he was represented by Scott Boras, and they are in perpetual rebuilding mode.

The Orioles and Tejada don't fit that mold. Tejada isn't in a walk year; he just doesn't enjoy living and playing in the STD Capital of the World. He wants to take their ridiculous money, earn the same money, but play somewhere nicer. Kind of like A-Rod.

And the O's would want good young pitching. Such as Jason Hirsch who--at the moment--is 10-2 with a 2.28 ERA and better than a 2:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio at AAA Round Rock.

I'm not saying that we shouldn't try to trade for Tejada. I just freaking hate seeing stupid trade proposals. Expect to give up something BIG if you want something BIG in return. (I'm not even going to comment on the "trade Ensberg, Lane, Qualls, Wilson, and Taveras for Android Jones" proposal. YOU CAN'T FREAKING STACK THESE GUY'S BATTING AVERAGES TOGETHER, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. NOBODY WANTS THESE GUYS!)


Anonymous Bouj said...

Hey, found the site through Deadspin. Fellow Astros fan.

The one thing that the "trade prospects" (like Hirch) proponents don't realize is that we'll need those prospects to actually pitch for us at some point. Oswalt is a free agent after 2007 (I hope Uncle Drayton ponies up what Roy O. deserves, but you never know), Andy is a free agent after this year (and hinting at retirement), Rocket is almost certainly done after this season, and Wandy hopes to become Terry Mulholland when he grows up. And Brandon is maybe getting healthy (and isn't great unless it's Oct.).

Buchholz, Hirch, Sampson, Nieve, & Wandy are probably the pool of guys you are going to have to choose from to go behind Roy and Brandon. You might want to hold on to the best one out of that group, just in case.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Shafty said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I actually think that we've got a bright future with this crop of kids. Surround them with Roy O. and--if he's healthy--Backe, and we should have a strong pitching foundation for years.

Hitters can be had in the free-agent market; good young pitching can't.

I would love to see us pick up a hitter or two, but I'm not willing to give up a top pitching prospect--unless it's low-level minors--for one.

After all, our lineup sucked last year... and that pretty much turned out okay for us.

3:22 PM  

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