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Friday, May 26, 2006


I must confess that I'm currently in the midst of trying to start a lunchroom fight between Houston Chronicle columnists Richard Justice and John P. Lopez. The issue? Richard's latest SportsJustice blog (which I actually find to be pretty insightful, at times, when he's not making himself the news story) led off with the following statement:
The Astros are in no position to make a trade. I can demand Tim Purpura make one, but that's what talk-show idiots do.
I found that particular statement to be pretty amusing inasmuch as Lopez's latest entry in his blog (which is right next to Richard's on the main Chronicle sports page, is entitled, "Make a Move, Purpura."

So I posted a comment on Lopez's blog to the effect of:
I think Richard just called you an idiot, John. Are you going to take that from PTI Boy? Stand up for yourself!
I posted a similar comment in Richard's blog, asking whether Richard was prepared to have John take him down in the lunchroom today.

No response yet; in fact, both reserve the right to not post "malicious" comments on their blogs. I would be surprised if Richard has nothing to say on the subject inasmuch as he clearly has an opinion on ALL subjects.

If, by contrast, my comment doesn't show up on Lopez's blog, I think that would probably be because I'm not 100% sure that Lopez actually knows how to turn on a computer, let alone run his own blog.

(Update 4:03 P.M.: Lopez sacked it up and approved my comment. Richard, to date, has not. Either he's preening himself for his next television appearance, or my comment did not contain enough flattery to warrant his attention. Or perhaps Lopez kicked his arse in the lunchroom, and he's recuperating--and allowing his dignity to recover--in the emergency room.)


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