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Friday, July 21, 2006

Question: How Bad Is This Team?

Answer: Real, REAL bad.
Here's some trivial "fun" for all of us to contemplate:
1) Out of 22 chances with men in scoring position in our recent series loss to the Baby Bears, the Disastros managed to push across all of ONE run.
2) As Shafty so eloquently pointed out already, we had multiple situations where there were men on first and second with no out and couldn't get a run in.
3) Brad Ausmus needs to go away. I'm sorry. I admire the guy for what he's done and for how he supposedly handles pitchers. But let's take a look at dear ole' Brad (disclaimer... I'm sure he's a very nice guy, but that doesn't make him a good ballplayer):
BA: .243
OBP: .308
SLG: .303
K: 44
BB: 21
SB (against): 45
CS (against): 11
That's 11 of 56 that he's thrown out, for a whopping .196 throwout percentage. Only weak-ass Piazza is worse. And let's take a quick sec to ponder how "well" our pitching staff has been handled... hhhhmmmm... I frequently catch Ausmus looking over to the dugout for pitch calls. I also see him being quite predictable with calling a steady diet fastballs... whether the other team is hitting them or not.
What's more, I heard Jim Deshaies talking about how Marty Barrett is catching (pardon the pun) some heat in Chicago for not being a very good defensive catcher (as if that's the reason they suck). Well, Marty's throwout percentage is better than Ass-munch's (thank you, neighbor Brian for that wonderful nickname). Nevermind that Marty's offensive stats are WAY better than Brad's.
4) Gar[d]ner has fallen victim to over-managing. He's trying to do too much. That's the quickest way, in my opinion, to manage yourself out of a job. Look, you've got to stick with your lineup and hope they'll come around.* You also HAVE to win series! For crying out loud, if you're going to sit Biggio, don't freaking sit Skullcap! Put him in CF and let Luke use the Force in LF. Sit The Swinging Bunter. (*see below)
5) Suckitte needs to shape up or ship out. I'm sick of excuses. I'm sick of talking around the subject. A veteran freaking pitcher is telling the papers that he didn't know where the ball was going to go when he threw it. WTFITS?
The Lineup as It Should Be
1) Bidge - 2B
2) Sparkplug - CF
3) Fat Elvis - RF
4) Lambo - 1B
5) Huff n' Stuff - 3B
6) Skullcap - LF
7) Munson - C (I believe that more AB's will show more production)
8) Everett - SS
9) Pitcher
If you have to sit Bidge, you rotate Scottwalker in at LF, move Special K to CF, and Sparkplug to 2B.
Dammit... WIN!


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