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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This Team


Roger pitched another good game, only to get no run support from his offense and a world-class job by C.B. behind the plate.

Don't forget, C.B. was the bro who tossed Berkman for throwing his helmet down. If that happened in the American League, everybody would be on suspension.

Now our hopes of salvaging a game are pinned on the wonderfully prolific Cletus. Good thing he's in top form this season.

Let's see... that makes one (Royals), two (Twins), three (White Sux), FOUR (Tigers) straight series we've lost. And what's more... the Cards are in a tailspin, and the Reds are up and down, so we've gained NO ground in our division. While the announcers view this as a positive ("Hey, at least we haven't lost ground..."), I see it as a negative. The Cards have given us every opportunity to take first place away from them. Instead, we're sitting at two games under .500.

Note to Gar[d]ner: You deserve to lose for batting Jason Lane second. What the hell kind of lineup was that last night? Let's refresh... I don't care who is pitching or what side he throws from. Here is what your lineup should be...

Chris Burke
Chris Burke
Lance Berkman
Lance Berkman
Mike Lamb
Mike Lamb
Chris Burke
Chris Burke

Seriously, though... here's your lineup with present "talent":

Biggio - 2B
Lamb - 1B
Burke - 3B
Berkman - RF
Wilson - LF
Taveras - CF
Everett - SS
Ausmus - C

Sorry, Morgan, but you're in an absolute TOTAL funk right now. I suggest sending him and Lane down to AAA to work some things out. Call it an injury if you're worried about their pride. Whatever. Recall Chris Sampson for a game or two and let him throw... a lot.

Here's another thought... switch Wandy and Nieve. Nieve's better as a starter. Wandy's so freaking random you never know what you're going to get.

Ugh! I'm sick of this post!

Win, dammit!


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