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Monday, June 05, 2006

My Lineup

In following Shafty's lead, I have to give my own personal lineup of choice for our beleaguered Astros. Here we go...

Biggio - 2B
Burke - LF
Berkman - RF
Lamb - 1B
Ensberg - 3B
Ausmus - C
Taveras - CF
Bruntlett - SS

My thoughts...

1) Biggio has done better in the leadoff spot consistently in his career. I think it's a mental (or maybe even stubborn) thing, but still.
2) Burke has proven he's valuable at the top of the lineup. He makes things happen and can sacrifice bunt if necessary.
3) Berkman doesn't belong anywhere but here.
4) Lamb is providing more bang for the buck right now, and he's driving in runs when given the opportunity.
5) Maybe Morgan will get some better pitches to hit with Ausmus behind him? His recent lack of RBI production drops him down right now for me.
6) Ausmus is still getting some hits, so I think he deserves it... if for no other reason than getting a breather from the lineup cellar from all these years.
7) Taveras has speed and can hit a little, but his low on-base percentage and lack of versatility drop him down in my opinion. This'll give him the chance to move some runners and get some pitches.
8) Bruntlett provides spark at the bottom of the order, and having him and Taveras both down there is like a softball lineup... you have a second leadoff combination.

Well, love it, hate it, or don't care... that's my thought. Granted, it could change in an hour.


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