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Saturday, May 27, 2006

"The Sun Made Me Do It!"

One thing I will say about us and the Astros is that when we're bad, we admit it. Unlike the Chicago Baby Bears who, as usual, must find some extenuating circumstance to blame. For, we all know they would've won the World Series had it not been for that fan guy with the headphones! Yeah, right...

In the latest episode of their blame-game ritual, the Cubs' overrated and over-emotional Carlos Zambrano was no-hitting the Braves going into the seventh inning, when, "pinch hitter Wilson Betemit lofted a fly that [Jacques] Jones lost in the glare."

"The sun made me do it!" cried Jones.

What makes this story even better is how the Cubbies managed to lose this one. Marcus Giles of the Braves scored from second on a routine fly ball to right. Jacques relays to NEFFY, who not only mishandles the throw, but then airmails the relays to home, allowing Giles to slide in safely.

This is cool on so many different levels. I think the only thing that beats it is when Tom "Flash" Gordon skipped a pickoff attempt off the runner's lid, sending it into the stands for extra bases and the loss.

Oh, and then there was the time Marty Barrett (yes, I know his name is Michael, but I don't like the guy, okay?) caught a runner (I believe it was Jimmy) halfway down the third base line and decided to throw to third, allowing Jimmy to trot home for the Philly win.

And then there was the time...

Man, I hate the Cubs.