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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Disastros Slump at 5, Record at .500

Astros 7, Pirates 8 - Final, 18 innings

There were so many things wrong with this game that I don't even feel like posting about it. All I will say is this...

We had the lead... TWICE... and our relievers couldn't do the job. Wheeler blew it in the eighth, and Gallo in the whatever-inning-it-was, both times with solo homeruns.

Unlike the Astros, the Pirates, who've been in the cellar virtually all season but have found new life (maybe because Sean Casey is almost fully recovered), played like they wanted to win. The Astros did not.

I'm so pissed off right now at this club that I don't even have the words. I think the team looks every bit as bad... if not worse... than it did last May.

The only good news? We're still at .500.

The horrible thing about that "good" news? Since going 19-9, we're now 6-16.


Last Note: This is just the third series the Pirates have won thus far this season.


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