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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

BIG Win... Astros 6, Cards 3

Now on to the stuff that matters...

Last night was encouraging, I have to say. I got home late, turned on the TV, and saw we were locked in a 1-1 tie in the fourth inning. My first thought? Thank You, God, that Pettitte has given up only one run. My second thought? How the hell have we scored only one run off this AAA guy?

The Astros continued their funk at the plate through the first part of the game. Ensberg still looks horrible at the plate (0-4, 3 K's), and Ausmus has definitely begun his decent to Ausmusness (normality). Nevertheless, we had a game.

Then it happened. Just like that, AP falls behind Scott Rolen. pause... you never want to fall behind Scott Rolen... play So true to the recent form of the Astros' staff, Pettitte drifts one over the heart of the plate, and off it goes. Now here's where it gets funny (in retrospect... cursing at time). Juan Encarnacion hit a homer on the next pitch, but it was missed because they were still showing the replay of Rolen's bomb. I thought to myself, Well isn't that a b*tch. Juan-E hits one so fast that they don't even have time to show it. He gets replayed. Of course, my thoughts after that are non-publishable due to their graphic content.

So we're on familiar ground, losing 3-1 to the Cardinals late in the game. Chris Burke then started a seventh-inning rally with a 1-out, 0-2 double (bad Reyes) to left. Brad Ausmus then followed with a single to left to put runners on the corners. Then, God bless him, Gardner does one of the things I begged him to do in a recent post... he pinch hit with Mike Lamb. Like in most cases, Lamb delivered with an RBI-single to narrow the deficit to 3-2.

Then it seemed like the Cards got a taste of what it's like to be an Astro. Orlando Palmeiro (one of Shafty's favorite players right now), pinch hit for AP. He, too, delivered with an RBI-single that scored Ausmus. Lamb, being aggressive on the bases (which I think was a great decision), hustled to third, prompting a throw from "The Man Who Doesn't, In Fact, Exist." His throw was SO errant, and Lamb raced home for a 4-3 lead, while Palmeiro took third because of the dead ball.
With the infield drawn in, Willy T. showed that he's still a rookie at heart by swinging at a ball that virtually bounced, resulting in a groundout to Eckstein (he who, like Berkman, makes easy plays look hard). So, with two out and one on, The Bidge delivered with a HUGE 2-run blast to put us up for good, 6-3. This guy is truly unbelievable. It's been difficult at times, but what a treat to have been able to watch a future Hall of Famer play his whole career here.
Anyway, to top it off, Potato Chips and Wheels pitched scoreless innings (even though Wheels played mind games with me... he was trying to make me panic, I just know it), and The Mole pitched one of his best outings of the season.
So, a big win for the good guys, putting us "up" into third place, 1.5 games behind the Reds (who, I believe, are destined to fall), and 6.5 behind the Cards. Hopefully Taylor will have a great outing this afternoon and we can take the series.


Blogger Shafty said...

I was having the hardest time scoring that E8 last night, given that I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the person who allegedly committed the error.

10:06 AM  
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