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Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Berkman Blues

Well, warriors, it's official. Lance Berkman's knee hurts.

Apparently, he felt a "twinge" during Wednesday's game whilst stretching for an Adam Everett throw. Being the Lance that he is, he naturally picked the ball out of the dirt despite the "twinge." Today, unfortunately, was more than a "twinge" (yes, I'm doing that on purpose). While taking a rip in his second at-bat (which resulted in a walk), he "really hurt" it.

Gardner (our affectionate name for manager Phil Garner) has been "shaking up the lineup" as of late to try to jump-start this currently anemic offense. My question is this... Phil, me boy, why would you place a guy with an ailing knee (the same one that kept him out for a month of last season) in the outfield, where he has to run around and stuff? Who knows... it's all second-guessing, I suppose.

Let's just hope Lance takes it easy and prevents further "irritation" and "twinges." In the meantime, we've got to figure out how to start scoring runs again. After all, Lance hasn't really been shouldering the offensive production as of late... largely because there's been no offensive production as of late (with one exception).

LiveStrong, Lance... oh, wait... wrong Lance. Uh... get better.


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